TASEP Speed Process: An Effective Medium Approach

Published in Journal of Statistical Mechanics, 2020

Advantage begets further advantage - this effect, often called the Matthew effect, is observed in various forms in day-to-day life, most commonly in social and economic aspects. But can such an effect be seen in systems where the evolution is completely memory-less? In this work, we study the TASEP Speed Process, in which the dynamics of a special particle at late times is heavily determined by its dynamics at early times. We will provide a simple description of this phenomenon using an effective medium approximation and demonstrate its applicability in other relevant settings. A simple presentation of our key findings is given in this poster which was presented at the Indian Statistical Physics Community Meeting 2020, held at the International Centre for Theoretical Sciences, Bangalore.

This project was carried out under the supreme guidance of Prof. Deepak Dhar, as part of my Master’s thesis. The official link to the paper can be found here. You can also obtain a preprint here and here.